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We want to transform the labour market

Technology helps companies to focus on people: that's why we want to digitise the recruitment process

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Make it better. Make it work.

Make it better. Make it work.

Despite numerous advancements, the reality is that getting into work is as difficult as it was twenty years ago. Typical challenges for recruiters are:


  • getting proof of credentials, which are paper-based and difficult to trace,
  • needing to certify that all professional references, skills, qualifications are accurate, and up to date,
  • finding good candidates quickly.
We are Investors in Digital
The Company

The Company

SureCert aims to be the global brand for digitised background checking and identity verification


  • controlled by the individual and focused on digitising the recruitment process
  • a platform where candidates are referred to be "SureCerted"
  • maximising both trust and efficiency for both the candidate and the recruiter
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The Company

SureCert Associates

We collect data directly from universities, private training companies, awarding organisations and membership bodies. This way, we connect the labour market needs and skills to sector regulators as well as education and training organisations, evidencing key labour market analytics.

If you are interested in connecting your data let us know.

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