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Care Workers on the Skills Shortage List?

The UK Government’s recent announcement of its post Brexit Immigration plans has resulted in widespread condemnation in Scotland. Industry bodies representing the sector say the plans give them a real cause for concern and pose a potential threat to Scotland’s economy.

More than half of all (care worker) roles in Scotland would not meet the salary threshold set, and this rises to as much as 90% in the Social Care sector.

Overall, 63% of (care) workers in Scotland earn less than the proposed £30,000 salary threshold for Tier 2. Less than 10% of those in caring personal service occupations in Scotland earn above £25,000, and none earn £30,000.

CEO of Scottish Care, Dr Donald Macaskill, commented “Yet again we have a set of proposals which treat the critical role of frontline care as unskilled. This is offensive and these proposals are damaging. To presume anyone can simply do the job of compassionate and dignified care is deluded. The salary thresholds, the language and qualification requirements are wholly unrealistic and simply don’t speak to the reality of social care.”

The news comes at a time when the Scottish Government are mid recruitment-drive for the Social Care sector with their “There’s more to care than caring” campaign, highlighted in our February newsletter. This identifies Adult Social Care (ASC) as a rewarding and important career. It aims to attract candidates who are not only caring, but have the right attitude and attributes. The UK Government suggesting that this incredible group of workers are “unskilled”, is, as Donald Macaskill has stated, offensive. Care work is highly skilled. It is unacceptable that the government does not understand what social care is and what our care workers do every day. Their responsibilities are complex and they require diligence, insight, and attention to detail.

SureCert is committed to promoting Social Care as a career, and in adding our voice to the criticism of the government’s Immigration policy and the lack of value placed on all workers who provide care, support and compassion to our most vulnerable, day in, day out.

SureCert thanks you all for the phenomenal job you do and urges the UK Government to put care workers on the skills shortage list.