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Why can’t I delete my information?

You may have noticed that you’re not able to delete documents and certificates nor verified references, once you have added them to your SureCert profile.

We genuinely want the candidates to be in control of their own data -and of course be compliant with GDPR regulations-, so we would like to explain how this works and why.

Once uploaded and verified, we don’t allow candidates to delete information automatically.

Why is that?

Firstly, this doesn’t mean you cannot delete your information from SureCert. If you just want something removed from our platform, please contact our support team on

So it means that you just cannot do that automatically. And the reason why is:

  1. Once you approve a recruiter or employer to be a SureCert contact (you will find them on your “contact list”) they can review your SureCert profile.
  2.  Then, they might use any elements of your identity – uploaded certificates, verified identity, verified references, etc.- to find you a job.
  3. For compliance reasons, they will need to be able to access those pieces of information in the future, in case there is an audit or inspection.

We will be happy to clarify and help you with this so you can fully exercise your rights to data access, rectification and erasure. Contact us any time! 🙂