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Manifesto for the Labour Market Digital Revolution

We are Investors in Digital

We want to transform the labour market. Make it better. Make it work.

Despite numerous advancements, the reality is that getting into work is as difficult as it was twenty years ago. This has caused a significant strain in global labour markets, with employers complaining about the difficulties of getting people into work quickly, and people complaining about the whole recruitment process.

Current challenges

We have identified a number of key challenges both for recruiters and candidates:

Typical challenges for recruiters are:

  • getting proof of credentials, which are paper-based and difficult to trace,
  • needing to certify that all professional references, skills, qualifications are accurate, and up to date
  • finding good candidates quickly

Typical challenges for job-seekers are:

  • applications are slow and time-consuming,
  • everyone uses a different system,
  • there is poor quality in communication: lack of feedback, poor job details

We know it is broken, and we want to make it better.

We believe that in order to allow the labour market to work, deep structural changes need to happen. By digitising recruitment, we want to make it more transparent, more human, more connected, safe, efficient and more sustainable.

Technology helps companies to focus on people.

This is why we wrote the following manifesto, and we encourage anyone who thinks the same, to share it so we can affect a change.

Manifesto for the Labour Market Digital Revolution

1. Transparent

There should be transparency in all recruitment processes. Both the candidate and the recruiter have to be part of it, and be aware and have feedback on what is happening at every stage.

2. Human

We need to humanise recruitment. It is about people, not numbers. Digitising administration frees up time to focus on people.

3. Connected

Connecting all players digitally will enable the best fitted professional to connect with their desired organisation, no matter where they are.

4. Safe

We need to ensure recruitment is safe for everyone. The right information, evidence-based, avoiding mistakes, fraud, protecting people.

5. Efficient

Recruitment should be fast and efficient. Quality must be central, and the workload of repetitive mandatory checks should be minimised. Information already stored digitally should be re-used instead of repeating the same actions time and time again. Applications should be easy and fast.

6. Sustainable

We should minimise the use of paper, go paperless. Continuing to use paper is not sustainable. It is wasteful. It is slow. It is not secure.

7. Free for the candidate

Applying and getting into work should be free for the candidate. Work is a human right (art. 23 Universal Declaration of Human Rights) – no-one should have to pay to get a job.


Anyone passionate about this please join the conversation on our Linkedin group. You can also become a supporter of Investors in Digital by contacting us about the Labour Market Digital Revolution.

Let’s lead the change together!