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SureCert celebrates its new Referencing Feature

When discussing the  Scottish government’s “There’s More to Care than Caring” campaign, Peter Macleod, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate said commented that  “…. going forward we expect to see more innovative solutions embraced by care providers and commissioners”.

These innovative solutions include services offered by organisations such as SureCert and our new unique referencing system. In our discussions with employers in the care sector, the referencing of staff is the number one problem and our platform supports recruitment in the care sector by making it faster and more efficient to onboard staff. SureCert is all about managing all of your candidate verification in one place.

And as a preferred supplier to Scottish Care we make sure that not only is our solution, the best for you, but it comes at a competitive price.

In addition to background checking and digital identity solutions, we can not only speed up the referencing process but store it in a GDPR compliant and auditable platform.

SureCert provides a referencing function which means the candidates do the hard work by requesting their references themselves, freeing up the recruiter to focus on other aspects of compliance. However, while we thought this was a win, some of our recruiter friends told us that they prefer to request the references themselves and they wanted the same functionality.  And when our customers speak, we listen!

We have since developed a recruiter reference request function which allows the recruiter to quickly and easily send reference requests. And with our additional features of employer, education, character and “gap” references, as well as our document upload facility, confirmation of university qualifications and cost effective criminal and adverse financial checks, you can be assured that SureCert can provide a whole suite of solutions to improve your onboarding process – all in one place.

And not only do we think this is  a great feature, but the SSSC and the Care Inspectorate have updated the Safer Recruitment Through Better Recruitment guidance to include advice on using third parties like SureCert to carry out recruitment checks stating that:

“Using third party organisations to carry out essential checks during recruitment can save social service employers time and effort and is an approach the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and the Care Inspectorate are happy with.”

In staff recruitment, the SSSC Codes of Practice for Employers and Social Service Workers require employers to “use thorough recruitment processes to make sure that only suitable people with appropriate attitudes and values, and the potential to gain the necessary knowledge and skills, enter the workforce (Standard 1.1)”

So while the “There’s More to Care than Caring” campaign helps your organisation to attract more candidates, SureCert – as preferred supplier to Scottish Care –  is here to help you get them compliant and in to the work place faster while fully in line with regulatory standards! And, as a preferred supplier to Scottish Care we make sure that not only is our solution, the best for you, but it comes at a competitive price.

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