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SureCert reaches 1 million identity verifications with NI Direct

With offices in London, Edinburgh and Belfast and founded in 2014, SureCert enables organisations to ‘trust but verify’ individuals through its range of background and identity checking solutions.

Pre-COVID, SureCert focused on providing these solutions for recruiters across the health and social care sectors.  Last year, the digital identity solution was tailored to support the rollout of Northern Ireland Health Service’s COVID vaccine passport programme for NI Direct.

The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic saw nations across the world commit to the introduction of COVID-19 certificates to verify citizens had the necessary vaccinations in a bid to safely resume travel, reopen hospitality and to rebuild the economy. In Northern Ireland, it was a race against time to launch COVID certificates before they became legally enforceable. Previously, Northern Ireland Government’s identity verification service, NI Direct, asked user to verify their identity by requires manual sending and checking of physical documents. With the help of SureCert, a mobile application, COVIDCert NI, was quickly launched for citizens to apply for COVID-19 certificates that would prove their vaccination status. However, the app needed to verify the identity of these individuals to correctly prove vaccination status and eliminate fraud.

The Solution

SureCert was appointed as the third-party data processor to ensure these individuals were who they were claiming to be, and that they were in fact the people who had received vaccines. To verify their identity, users were required to submit a photographic copy of their ID and a selfie. Using artificial intelligence, biometric technology and data from partners Experian and Mitek, SureCert collates, processes and analyses the data to return a pass or fail response within 6.4 seconds and includes verification of identity documents for 151 countries.

Situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and founded in 2014, SureCert provides a platform for organisations to ‘trust but verify’ individuals through its range of background and identity checking solutions. Through its identity verification capabilities, SureCert has helped to digitise the recruitment process for the Health and Social Care Providers across Scotland and England, and is now using its identity expertise in fraud prevention.



SureCert provided a user-friendly platform that quickly verified the identities of citizens, thus confirming their vaccination status and supporting the safe return of travel and hospitality.

Ian Savage, Founder and CEO, SureCert

The Legacy

The approach taken by SureCert has meant that everyone who undertook a digital identity check to access their covid vaccine data can now reuse that identity check to access other government services. Over 60% of Northern Ireland’s adult population now have a seamless way of interacting with Government, a major achievement.


SureCert’s Digital Identity and Background Checking Solution

SureCert’s solution is easy to buy and easy to use. We don’t ask for large upfront payments, minimum spend guarantees or large, regular transaction fees. All the core functionality is available for unlimited candidates or citizens for a modest monthly subscription.

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