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The Science of Compliance

Our CEO, Ian, has been out and about this week, meeting with care providers. He asked how SureCert helps you meet your HR needs. Many of you mentioned that you already use SureCert as both a verification and an ongoing compliance tool. This ensures that documents are available to regulators, auditors and inspectors, proving full compliance with legislation and regulatory standards – everything in the one place.

In Healthcare Recruitment “Compliance” is a necessary evil that is mandatory, but that takes up valuable time, effort and resources. Often, employers perceive regulation as burdensome “red tape” that impedes day-to-day operations. Simple screening processes and protocols are skipped, leaving businesses exposed to potential harm. This can be due to poor systems or the misconception that screening processes are time-consuming or a waste of time.

SureCert is all too familiar with this issue, and this is why our document storage system is not only easy and intuitive to use but is also fully auditable – cited as a real boon to smaller organisations who only have one or two members of staff managing their HR, or who outsource much of their Human Resource requirements.

Managers and directors can spend a significant proportion of their day engaged in these necessary but time-consuming tasks. Having an effective Compliance Programme is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. SureCert offers a convenient and affordable answer to three of the top five reasons cited for outsourcing HR – efficiency, cost saving and risk and compliance management.

As the go-to company for digitised background checking, identity verification and compliance tools, SureCert can help providers save time and money while ensuring the protection of our service users and the continued success of their organisations.

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