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There’s More to Care than Caring

This week saw the launch of the Scottish Government’s Adult Social Care Recruitment Campaign, There’s More to Care than Caring.  The campaign is a  response – in part – to the National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan, which included a recommendation to deliver a national recruitment campaign to promote social care as a meaningful, valued and rewarding career choice.

SureCert is delighted to be supporting the campaign and has a range of products available to recruiters to enable fast and efficient onboarding, solving one of the major problems in deploying new staff to the front line. Our team met with the Audit Office recently to demonstrate just how important it is to improve the processes around the background checking of new staff.  Our point has always been that process improvements are almost as important as increasing the supply of staff – it’s one thing finding a member of staff, but if it takes a month before they can start, that creates other major problems.

As those of us in the sector know, Adult Social Care (ASC) is a rewarding and important career. It offers progression, training and support, as well as a genuine sense of achievement and fulfilment. However, the sector is often overlooked or misunderstood by potential candidates.

Indeed, the launch of the campaign has coincided with the  publication of the joint Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Report; “Staff Vacancies in Care Services for 2018”. The staff vacancies report provides a national overview of vacancy levels and recruitment difficulties reported by care services registered with the Care Inspectorate. It also includes data on the actual number of vacancies services have, which is held by the SSSC.

To help address current vacancy levels in the sector for care workers – 38% of care services report vacancies- to support adults and to complement recruitment activity in the sector, the Scottish Government’s recruitment campaign aims to attract candidates who are not only caring, but have the right attitude and attributes, for example patience, respect and teamwork.

In addition, the campaign seeks to improve the public’s perception of what working in the sector entails, its career opportunities and importantly to recruit new entrants to the adult social care sector into frontline jobs – in particular jobs in care at home, care homes and housing support.

Lorraine Gray, Chief Executive of the SSSC said: “A vital consideration when looking at vacancies in care services is making sure that social care attracts people with the right values, skills and experience to work in the sector”.

Peter Macleod, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate said:

“We know, of course, that numbers do not tell the whole story. The skills, experiences, and values of social care staff are just as critical as the right number of staff being employed.

“However, going forward we expect to see more innovative solutions embraced by care providers and commissioners”.

These innovative solutions include services offered by organisations such as SureCert and our new unique referencing system. This system supports recruitment in the care sector by making it faster and more efficient to onboard staff. In addition to background checking and digital identity solutions, we can not only speed up the referencing process but store it in a GDPR compliant and auditable platform. For more information on how we can support you with your recruitment campaign go to our website: or contact Ian at

For more on the Scottish Government’s “There’s More to Care than Caring”, go to

To read the  Care Inspectorate and SSSC’s Report; “Staff Vacancies in Care Services for 2018” go to: Staff Vacancies in Care Services for 2018