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Third Party Organisations and Recruitment Checks Approved by Scottish Regulators

We want to transform the labour market and ensure people get into work quicker, using technology to achieve our mission – to create the “frictionless future of work”.
This future has just moved a step closer in Scotland, with the recent update of the “Safer Recruitment through Better Recruitment”. This resource is good practice guidance developed by the Care Inspectorate (CI) and Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) – two of Scotland’s care sector regulators. We are heavily involved in  in this sector and hold Preferred Supplier status for members of both Scottish Care and Care England.

The update is intended to help employers, especially those in social care, early education and childcare and social work to meet existing legislative and regulatory requirements, in relation to the safer recruitment and selection of people who work with individuals who receive support and care from social services in Scotland.

As part of the recruitment process, there are essential checks employers need to carry out, for example: right to work in the UK checks, identification checks, references and qualification checks. These help employers ensure that unsuitable staff do not gain access to children or protected adults. As many employers will tell you, these checks take time!

As a result of discussions with Scottish Care and SureCert, The SSSC and the Care Inspectorate have updated the Safer Recruitment Through Better Recruitment guidance to include advice on using third parties like SureCert to carry out recruitment checks stating that:

“Using third party organisations to carry out essential checks during recruitment can save social service employers time and effort and is an approach the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and the Care Inspectorate are happy with.”

SureCert’s platform can be used to carry out these “essential checks” on an employer’s behalf. By digitising the recruitment process, SureCert’s innovative platform connects candidates & recruiters securely online, speeding up the candidate verification process significantly. We also work with a range of partners, such as Experian PLC, to ensure we can provide a range of products across the area of identity verification.

On SureCert, Candidates build a profile and can be prompted to:

·      Request and share work, personal or even educational references.  We have developed a significant database of reference contacts for hundreds of companies across the UK and can ensure the reference request get to the right person;

·      Confirm Identity documents and track and confirm that a candidate has the Right to Work in the UK;

·      Confirm degree qualifications;

·      Upload any relevant documents or certificates; and

·      Enable credit checks and criminal record checks.

Best practice recruitment approaches are crucial to ensure that the right people, with the right skills and values are recruited into roles. As we all know there is a close relationship between the quality of staffing in care and the outcomes for people using it. Ensuring that the skills, values and attitudes of potential employees match the post being recruited for is an important element of building a strong, stable staff team which supports better outcomes for people.

It also supports Scottish Ministers’ expectation that employers will work towards continuous improvement of their safer recruitment practice in relation to those who will work with the most vulnerable people.

As proud preferred suppliers to Scottish Care, SureCert understands that safer recruitment IS better recruitment, but that this doesn’t have to come at a cost to employers, already struggling in a challenging sector. As the go-to company for digitised background checking and identity verification SureCert can help providers save time and money while ensuring the protection of our service users and the continued success of their organisations.

In the words of Mark McDonald, MSP,

“Through safer recruitment and values-based recruitment we can make a positive and lasting impact on creating excellent social services in Scotland and improving outcomes for people”.

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**To see what the CI and SSSC have to say on recruitment checks and the use of third party organisations, read more on the Hub…

You can also download a copy of the Safer Recruitment guidance by clicking here.